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A Holistic Practice Based on Embodied Neuroscience, Introspective Learning, & Effective Action

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Whatever your condition may be, however it is described, classified or experienced, so long as you can learn to attend to how your whole body "co-operates" in movement, the Feldenkrais Method® can produce immediate and lasting changes in your ability to:


• Relieve mechanical stress, tension & pain

• Discover deep relaxation & renewal

• Improve breathing, control & coordination

• Soften your vision

• Develop upright posture, energy & poise

• Free muscular limitations without stretching

• Recover lost mobility; regain lost function

• Expand thinking; expand the senses

• Gain confidence

• Create new potential for individual expression


The Feldenkrais Method ®

The Feldenkrais Method® is a proven system of intervention that teaches patients to alter their bodies' movement patterns to alleviate pain and/or recover lost abilities. By offering a unique, whole systems integration approach, it is designed to improve the experiential process of how we think, feel, sense and move-and ultimately self-regulate our health and well being in everyday life.


Whether you are participating in a gentle, individualized, hands-on Functional Integration® session or enrolled in a group Awareness Through Movement® class, you are likely to discover and develop an expanded range of real life possibilities which challenge previously held assumptions and/or diagnosis-based predictors of impaired functional recovery. In effect, looking beyond the symptoms to the underlying causes embedded and compromised in how we have unconsciously compensated our movement.



The full range of benefits, outcomes and endless examples of improvement that have been made available through the Feldenkrais Method® are only now being confirmed by recent scientific breakthroughs in biomechanics, neurophysiology, cybernetics and behavioral medicine.


By harnessing awareness of the intricate feedback systems that typically go unnoticed and recombining them in new and simplified ways, the Feldenkrais" Method communicates a way to synergize and reeducate the movement control centers of the brain. It is the creation of new neural pathways through the brain and nervous system-not the strengthening, stretching or remodeling of muscles in isolation-that determines the optimum health of your posture, the ease and comfort of how to distribute stresses during movement, and the extent of your flexibility, both mental and physical.

Benefits, Improvements, and Capacities for Change

"The aim of the work is a body that is organized to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency-not through muscular strength, but increased consciousness of how it works."    

-Moshe Feldenkrais


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We Improve Our Well Being When We More Fully Learn to Use Ourselves

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