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A Holistic Practice Based on Embodied Neuroscience, Introspective Learning, & Effective Action

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Situations and symptoms resulting from:

•   Accident

•   Illness

•   Injury


Innovative Integral Medicine

Are you looking for a more holistic approach to the ailments you face? We are proud to bring you the latest techniques in integral medicine.


What is Integral Medicine? Integral Medicine is a person-centered reference for both Inner perspective and outer expression. You can achieve balance with help from this form of "life style" medicine.

Are you looking for a different approach to medicine? Most medicine approaches are about what is applied to, handled upon, injected, ejected, ingested, or prescribed to the patient. Our holistic approach shows consideration to an individual's manner or quality of thinking, feeling, sensing, and overall action-ing while being in the world. We believe in putting lifestyle medicine in action. You can also learn more about our approach to physical therapy and The Feldenkrais Method. We offer classes and workshops as well.

Help from Integral Medicine

A Holistic Approach to Medicine

Give yourself a full mind and body approach to your health by calling:


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"Feldenkrais clarifies the most direct experience of a mind/body connection in a manner of outcome that is both functional and practical-and more than comfortable. Even enjoyable!"


- Tim Sobie, PT, GCFP